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Champlain Valley Canine Rescue - We are a small rescue, dependent on volunteers and foster homes.  Several times a year, we rescue dogs from the puppy mills in Ohio.  Many of these dogs are purebred dogs who have lived their lives in cages.  We are forever surprised by their resilience and ability to transition to being happy dogs despite how poorly they have been treated by humans. Throughout the year, we get dogs and cats from the high-kill shelters in the south. CVCR will also accept into rescue any puppy/dog who is living with an owner who can no longer supply care.

Regardless of age or medical condition, we will provide them love, food, shelter, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services through local veterinarians until permanent placement is secured into a prescreened, loving home. 

We have a limited number of cotton tote bags available as a fundraiser thanks to Amalgated Culture Works in Burlington.  They are a great size with a zipper and a small zippered pouch on the interior as well.  If you would like one, you can use the donate button below.  We are asking for a minimum donation of $25.  Please then email [email protected] with your address so a bag can be mailed to you.

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Libby's Story

Unlike many rescues, Champlain Valley Canine Rescue will take in mother dogs with their litters and will take pregnant dogs and keep them until their puppies are ready to go to permanent homes. Lady (about 1 year old) came to us from a high kill shelter in South Carolina. She came with 9 puppies, about 5 weeks old that we think are Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mixes.

When this small family first appeared off the transport in Vermont, Tammy and I stood looking at the sad scene and discussed how many we would be able to keep alive; they were in very bad condition. Mom and pops were emaciated, flea bitten, Mom had hair loss and all showed every vertebra and rib! I set them up in a large kennel area with a fenced outdoor access to grass. I started feeding Lady Libby carefully.  >>> Find Out What Happens to Libby and Her Pups