Sargent's Story

Dearest all who work at Champlain Valley Rescue,

First, thank you for all your work to rescue dogs like Sargent. Second, thank you for responding so quickly to my application. Robin helped me so much in getting acclimated to Sargent. I met him one week right after she received him in her care. Robin calmed and loved him as her own and when I saw him for the second time to bring him home, he was a happy little guy.

Robin is an amazing person and foster "parent". Robin talked to me about fear behaviors I might observe, how to set limits and what Sargent was like with people and other dogs. We discussed food, treats and Robin gave me tons of samples to help me get a started. Robin made this process a wonderful experience and I know I can always count on her if I have questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your hard work. I would like to make a small donation to your chapter. Please advise how to go about this.

Again thanks so much. I'm in love with my new little pal!

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