Joy - JJ - Jasey

Joy, a 5-year-old Pomeranian, was rescued from an Ohio Puppy Mill in mid-November, 2013.  She began her fostering under the new name of JJ in southern Vermont.  JJ then moved to another home December 20th in order to be closer to CVCR’s vet so she could undergo a double hernia operation.  With that done and healed, JJ waited for her new family.  Over the next two months she was considered for adoption twice, but her new owners didn’t find her until the beginning of March.  And it was worth the wait!


After losing her Pomeranian Holly, Diane’s heart was broken.  She’d been looking for another Pom and was ecstatic at finding JJ.  After talking on the phone and telling Diane all JJ’s quirks (not housebroken, eats her poop, very excitable, needs more socializing – you get the picture), I was so pleased she still wanted to meet her.  Not only meet her, Diane felt certain she’d be taking JJ home with her.   


We made arrangements to get together and sure enough, love at first sight!  JJ, now Jasey, lives with Diane, her husband and their black lab Zoey and cat Moui.  She is doing GREAT!!  As Diane puts it, “My heart was broken after my Pom Holly passed away.  Jasey is taking that heavy-hearted feeling and making it lighter.  Life is once again looking sunnier.”  


After 5 years of being in a cage having litter after litter of puppies, Jasey is now living the life of a pampered, much loved pet.  It took a while, but this is truly a happy beginning for this little dog, which is what CVCR is all about.  From Diane, “I would like to sincerely thank CVCR for saving animals.  If it were not for you taking care of little Joy, JJ, now Jasey, I would not have this precious little Pom who is bringing so much love and laughter into my home.” 

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