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Adopting A New Friend

Potential owners are screened very thoroughly by the Champlain Valley Canine Rescue. They are required to fill out an application and provide Vet references along with information on the animals living conditions. A volunteer will call the Vet to be sure that potential owners have properly cared for their pets in the past and that all current pets have been spayed or neutered and are up-to-date on vaccinations.  Please fill out the application form and email to the address provided.  We are a volunteer organization, so please be patient while we process your application.

Adoption Requirements
  1. No animal will ever be adopted to outside only homes.
  2. All Applications must be approved by the Adoption Board.
  3. A contract must be signed at the time of the adoption.

Next Steps

Become a Foster

Get Involved!  Become a Foster and together we can help more Dogs/Puppies find their "Forever Home!"

All of the animals we take care of stay in private foster homes. Among them are sick animals. In foster homes they can receive the care and attention they deserve. Our members volunteer their time and money to take care of these wonderful souls. Some of them have their homes filled with many visiting foster dogs and puppies, so needless to say there is always a need for more loving homes.

Before you take in a foster animal, make sure are prepared to do this. You may need to isolate the animal since it may be infected with a contagious disease. The last thing you want is for your own pets to end up ill or infected! Care must also be taken when placing animals together because of social issues - they need to work out dominance in their own way. Let them get used to each other very slowly.

Remember also that you may develop a close bond with the foster animal. The question I am asked most often is, "How can you give them up and take them to their new homes? Isn't it hard?" Of course, it is! We often get very attached to our foster pets. But the real reward of fostering is helping the animals. They get a chance they might not have had - and though it is hard to give them up, by doing so, we can bring more home. This way the void in our hearts will be filled by the love for yet another suffering animal that will come into our home.  By providing a needy animal with a loving home environment, you too can help an animal become more suitable for adoption into a responsible, lifelong home.

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Champlain Valley Canine Rescue (formally Champlain Valley Pug and Small Breed Rescue) is a not-for-profit charitable organization.  We rely on donations in order to continue our work.  Your donation will enable us to provide the medical attention, proper nutrition and supplies required to bring these survivors to their forever families.

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