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  October 2016

What a beautiful October we are having here in Vermont! The trees are ablaze with color and the air is crisp. Our fall trip to the Ohio puppy mills is upon us. We will save as many dogs as we can. We'll need to find them homes with a caring family that has a lot of patience and time to give.

Our tentative list of arrivals includes several adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a Pug puppy, a one year old Yorkie boy and a 12 week old Havanese boy. As always, there are likely to be more dogs coming that we won't know about until the transport leaves Ohio. We'll post pictures and bios as soon as we can.  All will be vetted by our local vet, spayed / neutered, and brought up to date on vaccinations. Then our groomers will have a go with them.

We have several older dogs available as well and are hoping to find homes that can fit one more.  It is unfortunate that we can only support a couple of elderly dogs at a time. More than the younger ones, older dogs are so lost when they are put out of their home.  They simply need a home to live out their remaining years in comfort.

Please Check Back Soon for New Dogs to Adopt!

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