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COMING SOON: New Rescue Dogs & Puppies Expected mid-October 2014

We've had a busy summer. Many of us are happy to welcome the cool weather of fall. This fall we are planning a trip to Ohio in mid-October. We expect to bring back several small dogs culled from the puppy mills.

There are many reasons a puppy mill breeder will select dogs to be discarded. They may be too old, unhealthy, poor breeders, inattentive mothers, or require C sections that come with extra complications and vet bills. There may also be too many of a breed on the market at the time. Even if a female has produced 2 litters a year for 5 or 6 years, they are discarded like the rest. This is where we come in.

We bring back as many dogs and puppies as we can. We rely on our great foster homes to provide a way station for these unwanted pups. They will be learning about life in a home while waiting for that perfect someone who will open their home to a forever thankful companion!

Please Check Back for New Dogs to Adopt!