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  August 1, 2016

We've had a warm dry summer here in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. Champlain Valley Canine Rescue continued to foster great dogs. We received two dogs from a kill shelter last weekend and one from a gentleman who had to go into assisted living and couldn't keep his buddy.  We will get these new arrivals up on Pet Finder soon.

Next week we are expecting four Boxer mix puppies from the puppy mills.  They are 3/4 Boxer and 1/4 Boston Terrier. We're curious to see how that mix looks! We also expect a 7 year old Havanese girl, one 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl, one 5 year old Pug girl and 5 - 8 week old Cavachon puppies  As always, there are likely to be more dogs coming that we won't know about until the transport leaves Ohio.

We have several older dogs available as well and are hoping to find homes that can fit one more.  It is unfortunate that we can only support a couple of elderly dogs at a time. More than the younger ones, older dogs are so lost when they are put out of their home.  They simply need a home to live out their remaining years in comfort.

Please Check Back Soon for New Dogs to Adopt!