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Happy Holidays!

We had a relatively uneventful summer here in the Champlain Valley.  We were all geared up for a busy fall, expecting a large group of dogs from the puppy mills in Ohio but our plans had to change.  Tammy's husband had a serious accident on their farm which put him in the hospital for 4 days and on the couch for recuperation for many weeks.  Tammy needed to take over the farm chores so cancelled the trip to Ohio.  No plans have been made yet to make the next trip but stay tuned.  A lot depends on this winter's weather!         

In the meantime we are in contact with two shelters in South Carolina.  Both are very busy taking in hundreds of dogs. They only keep the dogs until the space is needed. Then they are euthanized. We want to avoid that and rescue medium to small dog breeds from these shelters. We employ a transport service that runs up the east coast most weekends.  Our available dogs are listed on petfinder.com and you can also see them here. 

The dogs are all in foster homes so that we can determine their personalities in a home and discover any undisclosed vices.  So far, so good!  Breed labels from the shelters are often incorrect. We rarely know the genetic lineage of the dogs we rescue from the shelters unlike those from the puppy mills.  Many shelters and rescues specify breeds based on appearance; however, research has shown that less than 2% of a dog’s DNA determines appearance!   We encourage you to speak to our fosters who have been living with the dog to get a picture of his temperament, likes and dislikes. This is routine after you have been approved to adopt.

We are expecting the next transport on December 5, 2015. We will finally meet Mary Lou, a 3 month old Chihuahua mix girl and Tootsie, a 17 pound Chihuahua mix who is 2 years old, very sweet, loves attention and is easy to get along with.  Tootsie was surrendered by her owners because they just didn't want her anymore. Tootsie's housemate, Jax, may also come. The owners don't really want him either. In addition, we are waiting to hear about a litter of 7 Jack Russell Terrier mix puppies who are just 8 weeks old.  All of our new arrivals will all be listed here as soon as they arrive. 

Please Check Back Soon for New Dogs to Adopt!